1. Nexus Keep News Update

    By: PsuedoNam —- June 25, 2014

    Much is happening within the ranks of NK. Etdotomiee and I have been hard at work rebuilding and establishing the branches to help support and expand our influence.

    In the last two days Etdotomiee and PsuedoNam, with the help of fenceghast, Zurska, and all of our members have established foundations for expansion into other games outside of Warframe, as well as a fully functioning TeamSpeak3 server!

    We are currently in talks of expanding our brand into the wildly popular World of Warcraft, as well as establishing a Nexus Keep DOTA2 team. These projects will be spearheaded by the ever reliable Zurska and fenceghast, respectively, should they effectively see fruition.

    Nexus Keep is moving forward at breakneck speeds, and would love to have YOU help as we shoot for the stars!

    As always if you are interested in joining, helping, or allying with Nexus Keep, please dont be afraid to message myself or Etdotomiee either on Warframe, or right here on Tumblr!

    See you out there!


  2. State of the Nexus: Summer 2014

    By: PsuedoNam —- June 23, 2014

    Welcome again to the official Nexus Keep homepage!

    It has been almost 9 months since our last post or formal update. Unfortunately, this was due to a bricked computer that took me months to be able to save up and replace. But now I am back and able to resume all operations here.

    Since getting a new computer, I have been at work trying to re-establish Nexus Keep (NK). Unfortunately, I have had little success thus far expanding the network with the other four former heads. So this leaves me personally going back to basics. Until further notice, NK will officially be established solely as a Warframe clan, however I hold no contentions expanding into other territories, should proper contact be re-established with former members, or with individuals I deem to be responsible to hold a position of Division Leadership.

    As I deal with NK as a whole, I have established a recent, dedicated member, Etdotomiee as the General Manager of the Warframe division. Etdotomiee has surprised me in his dedication to reboot NK. In less than a week, he has single-handedly helped drive Warframe membership from 5 members to 38 and rising!

    Presently, Nexus Keep stands with the Lost Seraph rail alliance. I hope to see this union flourish and one day hold a Solar Rail on the Star Chart.

    In the immediate future I aim to keep this page updated with roster and news as it comes in.

    As always if you have any questions, comments, or are interested in joining NK, feel free to message myself here on Tumblr, or by messaging PsuedoNam and/or Etdotomiee on Warframe!


  3. Nexus Keep news for October 8th, 2013

    Branch Proposal: DOTA 2

    Nexus Keep has announced a proposal to kickstart a DOTA 2 branch. Spearheaded by group co-founder tjh_rulz, the DOTA 2 branch of Nexus Keep will feature the same, classic, friendly, and comfortable environment that the group has heralded itself upon.

    Details regarding the branch, including team structure, rosters, and skill level will be discussed in a leaders meeting scheduled for later this weekend, this meeting will also discuss overall clan bylaws and regulations that all members, leaders, and branches will need to adhere to. Details from this meeting will be released in a news pressing, expected to hit late Monday night.

    Warframe Clan Recruitment

    Branch Warlord PsuedoNam has expressed interest in finally gathering members interested in joining the Nexus Keep clan in Warframe. He has expressed interest in gathering relatively newer players interested in contributing to a small, friendly environment, building up the groups Dojo and setting up Research Labs for clan exclusive guns, melee weapons, and sentinels.

    As always, anybody interested in contributing to the Nexus Keep Gaming Network should use any of the mediums currently provided here:


  4. Nexus Keep Warframe Branch Captain PsuedoNam shows off his two setups, a Loki named Diablo, and a Rhino named Rage.


  5. Welcome To the Nexus Keep Page/Blog

    Check back for more features as they are added to the page!